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Goodafternoon class my name is …. and I’m freshman biology major.
Close your eyes and imagine your feet surrounded by dusty white sand, your body feeling the cool breeze of the tropical air and your eyes overlooking crystal clear blue water of the Indian Ocean.
This place isn’t Mexico, nor the Bahamas or even Hawaii. The vacation spot of your dreams is only a plane ride away to the luxurious and relaxing islands of the Maldives.
Today I will be touching on brief history of the Maldive islands, the endless adventures and activities to do, and the 5 star resorts located on this island. In listening to these three 3 main points I will not only give you reason but excitement to book your next vacation spot to the Maldives.
The Republic of Maldives otherwise known as “ Mandu Pa-tee” by locals which translates into “utopia world” seamlessly fits these picture perfect islands. Founded in 1847 by Aryan sailors the Maldives encompass more than 200 individual islands include vast history and historical sittings that are still preserved to this day.The two major languages spoken here consist of both Dhivehi which is an Indo-Aryan language and English. Dhivehi however was one of the first languages to be spoken in northern India, the descendants of which Maldivian people are most closely related to. Since the islands of Maldives are surrounded by water Maldivians compromise more sea than land into their daily lives; this includes their food, jobs, housing and leisure activities.
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Now some of you may ask what is there to do on these islands beside take in the breathtaking view and warm tropical weather. Well from land to underneath the deep crystal blue seas the Maldives have you covered.
1. Scuba diving which is one of many water sports you can partake in will have you enjoying the warm seas and the high visibility throughout the year. With waters clear enough to see a school of fish passing as far as 50 ft. away to the marvelous formation of over 3000 coral reefs scuba diving will never disappoint. And don’t worry if you aren’t certified resorts and safari boats offer basic to advanced training. And for the night owls, night diving is especially beautiful and a totally different experience. 2. Surfing- There is no end to the fun things you do in the water but for those who prefer to stay above water and for my surfing enthusiast this is the place for you. The monsoons that bring in massive swells particularly from June to September bring in waves that range from 3-8 ft.

3. . Fishing is in the Maldivian blood, and with that being said this is something that they encourage you to do while visting their islands. This excursion which includes traveling to neighboring Virgin Islands to fish during the day or at night includes an all-inclusive bar, a live band, and the satisfaction of catching and cooking your own fish, all in an 2 hours’ time which is enough to fill your bbq.

4. However for those who would rather look at the beauty of the water instead of feel it land activities are also available including atv, a 200 ft. zip line, and a Spa and Wellness center. At the Spa & Wellness center “getaway cocoons” which are in the middle of the vast Indian Ocean are there for your…