Biology: Stroke and Benign Tumor Essay

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Stroke is the third leading cause of death worldwide, and the leading cause of acquired disability in adults in most regions.1.2 countries of low and middle income have the largest burden of stroke, accounting for more than 85% of stroke mortalty worldwide, but few reliable data are available to identify risk factors for stroke in most of these regions, and particularly for hemorrhagic stroke.(O’donnell,M) Hemorrhagic stroke is the sudden onset of neurological systems as a result of bleeding inside the brain. Hemorrhagic stroke is the sudden onset of neurological symptoms a hemorrhagic stroke is caused by ruptured blood vessel (aneurysm) or a leaky arteriovenous malfunction this type of stroke is particularly dangerous because it can easily cause an increase in pressure inside the brain, ultimately leading to brain damage Hemorrhagic stroke is also known as intracerebral hematoma, subarachnoid hemorrhage, and intracerbral hemorrhage. (Loftspring,M)
This journal talks about the higher rates of consumption of alcohol and other drugs particularly cocaine, caffeine, and nicotine could indicate the multiple higher independent risk factors for hemorrhagic stroke in the controlled groups but also ultimately difference in psychological vulnerability, behavioral, biological, or hereditary positions to multidrug abuse between groups.(O’Donnell,M)Some of the things that can trigger a person’s body into having hemorrhagic stroke are heavy use of alcohol during that person’s lifetime; excessive cigarette smoking, marijuana and less than a high school education .You can also have a hemorrhagic stroke by heavy use of cocaine throughout the years of your life. It seems the fact about less than a high school education simply probably means that if you don’t use your brain you might lose it by damaging it with harmful chemicals and not educating yourself. This journal also talks about the usage of cough and cold medicines can also help trigger the possibility of a person getting a hemorrhagic stroke. In my opinion if this is true then why are there cough and cold medicines out there that have certain ingredients are available to buy everyone should know that it is possible during your lifetime that you could become victim of being a possible hemorrhagic stroke victim when using medicines with ephedrine and pseudoephedrine ingredients.(Kernan,W)
Hemorrhagic stroke do not have a solution for treatment and Hemorrhagic strokes mostly occur in the brain. Stroke is caused by occlusion in the parenchyma (intracerebral hemorrhage )also known as ICH which is caused by a rupture of cerebral blood vessels –(hemorrhagic stroke).Stroke is defined as “any acute” clinical event related to impairment of cerebral circulation, that lasts longer than twenty- four hours. Statistics shows that after having a hemorrhagic stroke some patients die within the first twenty four hours, two days later, and maybe even a month later. Hemorrhagic strokes can be triggered by tumors, arteriovenous fistulae, arteriovenous malformations tumors, and drug abuse. I think that’s why it’s important to try to stay healthy but no one knows how to check to see if they have a tumor in their brain that’s why it’s so many strokes occur.(Loftspring,M )
In this next article it talks about how man had a severe headache for about eight days straight and finally went to the doctor to what the problem was he and his wife discovered that he had a -stroke in the front of his brain but was not diagnosed correctly the article explained that the proper procedure to look at the symptoms of the patient through the MRI scan to see what’s going on in the brain. I think the man was lucky enough to go to the hospital and be able to describe the pain and the symptoms he encounter so the doctors could treat him the best way possible. (Streletz,L)
The reason why I picked the topic Stroke particularly hemorrhagic is because my mother suffered from a hemorrhagic stroke first, my father said she