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Honors Biology
Spring Semester Final Study Guide

Benchmark 1C: Understand the basic process of cellular respiration. a. Identify the reactants and products involved in glycolysis, the Kreb’s Cycle, and the electron transport chain b. Distinguish between the processes and products of aerobic and anaerobic cellular respiration (fermentation). c. Describe the importance of ATP in the life of the cell d. Compare the relative energy available in ATP, ADP, and AMP
Benchmark 1D: Demonstrate an understanding of reactions regarding photosynthesis a. Understand that light is a form of energy b. Identify the reactants and products of photosynthesis c. Distinguish between the light and dark reactions
Benchmark 1B: Circulatory System a. Identify the main functions of the circulatory system. b. Diagram the flow of blood through the heart and body. c. Compare and contrast the major components of the blood. d. Know the major vessels and organs for the system and their function
Benchmark 1C: Respiratory System a. Summarize the path of air through the respiratory system and identify changes that occur in the body during breathing. b. Know the major organs and the functions
Benchmark 1D: Digestive and Excretory System a. Know the major organs and the functions b. Final Mastery

1D ______/3
Final Mastery

1D ______/3
Describe how the kidneys remove waste c. Describe the path of food through the body
DNA / Genetics
Benchmark 1A: Describe the nature of nucleic acids a. Describe the structure of the double helix b. Identify and pair the bases of DNA and RNA c. Distinguish between pyrimidines and purines* d. Compare and contrast DNA and RNA e. Identify the nature and common causes of cancer that arise from mutations in regards to the cell cycle
Benchmark 1B: Trace the path of protein synthesis from DNA to protein a. Determine the complementary strand of DNA or RNA when given a DNA sequence b. Understand the role of helicase, DNA polymerase, and DNA ligase in the transcription of DNA* c. Understand the role of ribosomes in translating mRNA sequences to amino acids d. Identify a protein sequence present in DNA using the triplet code (codons)
Benchmark 1C: Understand the mechanics of cell division a. Distinguish between the G1, S, G2,and M phases of eukaryotic cell cycle b. Relate DNA, chromatin, and chromosomes c. Distinguish between chromosomes and sister chromatids d. Describe and distinguish between the events occurring in interphase,