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David Howlett
BIOL 115
December 8 2103 "Water" The name water seems simple enough to many, but this source that we take for granted is the building blocks of a strong and growing communite, one that needs plentiful and clean water at that. We need water to live, but it has to be clean but we are at a stage where we are struggling to resolve the promblem of a water crisis. The global warming that has been damgning are enviorment are also affecting are source of H20, lakes and river are now being contamunated an overdrawn by humans. We have to start now to act on helping to protect so theres is sufficient amounts of water for people and the environment. By educating and preeching for solutions like green inrastructures,showing towns and metro areas on how to start to face the beast ahead. As a whole we have to make syre that we have enough waterways as well so we have a healthy aquatic system as well. Nasty water is earth number 1 enemy to the health of the world, it threatens people well being an life. The contamaion of our water begins with the run off from rain or snow runs into our lakes and river, its a problem now and days because it picks up stuff thats not natural to the enviorment. Inventions to better protect us from sickness like bacteria and viruses, an making new standards to top the issue. Like such as sources of runoff and sewage overflows. Even though people are agrreing on the issues of these problmes, to cobat the issue an create the stuff needed to make cleaner water is very pricey. For right now were using water scarcity in diffrent regions of the nation, for the future so we can invest on a better standard for more reliable irrigation sysyems.We have to invet a better quailty utiltie so cusomers save more water. Studys say that we are looking at more serious and more often droughts an holy floods, that will defintely effect ar water. They say that almost 1/3 of the US will face a shortage of water by 2050. Also the rise of our oceans, will infiltrate our fresh water sources an make our waters not drinkable. More…