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1. Biological Psychology is the study of the _______ basis of behavior

2. All psychological phenomena are the result of the physiology of the ____ system

3. Training animals in a maze and recording physiological changes in their brains is ______

4. Stimulating a brain structure and recording subsequent changes in movement is ______

5. Introducing two adults of opposite sexes and then measuring hormone levels is ______

6. Measuring the brain volumes and intelligence of a group of people ________

7. Observing that the cerebral ventricles of many people with schizophrenia is ______

8. Severing the connections between visual regions and the rest of the brain in animals and observing their failure to recognize objects is _______

9. Noting the relationship between a hormone treatment and strength of an animal’s mating behavior ________

10. This viewpoint asks, “How did patterns of behavior come to be so different in some species and so similar in others

11. This viewpoint asks, “why did a structure of behavior evolve as it did?

12. This viewpoint asks, “why did a structure of behavior evolve as it did?

13. This viewpoint asks, “How behavior changes, including factors such as genes, nutrition, experience and other interactions?

14. This viewpoint asks, “How behavior relates to the activity of the brain and other organs”?

15. In Rainvile (1997) study what was not one of the findings?
A. The group that were told the water was moderately hot had activation
B. Giving instructions directly impacts how you process the information
C. People are always able to report accurately what they are feeling

16. In Rainvile (1997) study the group who were told the water was very hot had greater activation in the _______

17. In Bartels and Saki (2000) study what was not one of the findings
A. While people were looking at their romantic partners two parts of the brain light up especially
B. When people look at romantic partners there is different activation in brain areas
C. The findings suggest that certain emotions are not localized in certain parts of the brain.

18. In Bartels and Saki (2000) there was activation especially in the _____ and ______

19. CAT (computerized axial tomography) provides a view of the brain using ____

20. CAT is useful for finding ______

21. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) provides a 3-d view of the brain using ___

22. Which one has a higher resolution?

23. What does EEG record?
24. What does EEG use to record?
25. What does MEG measure?
26. What does MEG use to measure this?
27. What does PET measure?
28. What does PET use to measure this
29. What can PET identify?
30. what does fMRI use?
31. What does fMRI measure
32. What can fMRI do that MRI cannot?
33. What is ablation
34. What is Lesion
35. What does TMS do?
36. As a result of the accident what did Phineas Gage suffer?
A. IQ decline
B. Fundamental change of personality
37. Where did Phineas Gage suffer damage to?
38. Damage to the frontal lobes is linked to
39. What is frontal love important for?
40. What do patients who suffer from object agnosias have?
41. What causes…