Comparison Of The Gap Theory

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The belief that where was a “first” creation destroyed be the fall of Satan is the Gap Theory. It serves to reconcile the age of Earth as calculated by evolutionists with the true age found by Creationists. The theistic evolution theory is based on the belief that evolution existed but was directed by God. Which example is based on the belief that each day was a longer time period? Day Age Theory This interpretation attempts to harmonize a Creator God with an old universe. It attempts to fit scientific evidence for an old universe with Scripture. Progressive creationism Antediluvian Refers to Earth time previous to the Flood. Postdiluvian refers to Earth time after the Flood. Why are there tropical plant fossils in Antarctica? Before the Flood it was warm. The age of Earth based on Biblical events is 6,000 Somatic stem cells come from body tissue. Sometimes they are called adult stem cells. Embryonic stem cells come from human embroys. A clone is an exact genetic duplicate of a molecule, cell, or complete organism. Biotechnology is the use of living organisms to create products or facilitate the production of products. Domain Mandate is God's command in Genesis 1:28 that requires man to subdue the Earth and be a good steward of its resources. Recombinant DNA is the DMA modified by joining specifc segments of DNA from different sources. Genetic Engineering Is the manipulation of genes by methods other than normal reproduction. Natural Clones are organisms produced by asexual reproduction. Budding is an example. Artificial Clones are produced with help from man. Seedless bananas are an example. An advantage of cloning is production of genetically identical animals for research A disadvantage of cloning is generic variability decreases An example of natural human cloning is identical twins Restrictive enzymes cut DNA at specific points to make recombinant DNA possible A use of recombinant DNA is to produce insulin An example of a dominant mutation is dwarfism Gene expression starts with the transcription of the DNA molecule. Gene expression is the activation or turning on of a gene that results in its transcription and the production of a specific protein. Cellular diffraction is the specialization of cells in a developing organism. What kind of cancer s[reads throughout the body? Malign What kind of cancer does not spread though the body? Benign Female ducks have the same genes for brightly colored feathers as male ducts, but are less colorful. What causes this? The expression of the genes if limited by sex hormones. Radiation, chemicals, and biological factors are examples of carcinogens Most carcinogens are also mutagens which alter the genetic code. Gene therapy is an attempt to cure genetic disease. Genetic diseases are inherited Down syndrome is caused by Trysomey on the 21st chromosome. A genome is a complete haploid set of chromosomes in an organism. Only one pair of homologous chromosome pair exists in this condition monosomy A trinaploid organism has three complete sets of chromosomes. A triploid organism has four complete sets of chromosomes. Trysomey is an abnormal condition in which there are three chromosomes in a set instead of two. Which condition produces haploid offspring? Parthenogenesis How can triploid plants be useful? They produce seedless plants. Irish potatoes and cultivated cotton are examples of crops that are tretploid. During inversion a segment breaks off and the genes are re-attachable in reverse order. Deletion is the loss of a segment of a chromosome. Sometime allows harmful recessive traits to be expressed because the corresponding dominate trait is missing. Translocation is the exchange of genetic importation during meiosis between non-homologous chromosomes Somatic mutations occur in the body cells or an