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Biology 160 ZHIKAI PEI Movie Review Wrong Turn Wrong turn is my favorite scary movie which describes a groups of anthropophagi eat people who entered their place. Those groups of anthropophagi were offspring of consanguineous marriage. They can’t talk and they looks like monster but they are strong and cruel. Many innocent people were killed by them and the wrong turn describe how the leading role escape from their place and killed the anthropophagi. This movies gives my much inspiration and attracts me a lot, because it contains some biology knowledge. Chris got a job offer but he need to go West Virginia in three hours. Unfortunately, there is a car accident happened in high ways, and he decided to go a short-cut. There were several animals’ bodies on the way, moreover Chris got car accident as well. He crushed another car, which there is also a groups of people were camping. They decided to get some help from the people living in the area, and they found a small house. Many sample of died bodies in that house. It seems that it is the house of the mountain man. Once they deiced to escape from the house, the mountain men came and found them. However, some of the people were caught by mountain men, but Chirs and several people were escaped from that house. They used radio and called the 911, but the police officer were killed by the mountain men. Chirs decided to save other people by his own power. He went back to the house which the mountain lived and used the fire killed the mountain men. This movie is excited and scary. Like I mentioned above, there are many negative effects of intermarriage. The kids of intermarriage will get disease earier. Every has 5-6 DNA of autosomal recessive disorder, the intermarriage makes the children have much possible to get disease because they have much possibility to get the autosomal recessive disorder. Although the movie wrong turn exaggerate the bad effects of intermarriage, but many countries are prohibited the intermarriage. Like the information I found in Wikipedia, Autosomal recessive disorders occur in individuals who have two copies of the gene for a particular recessive genetic mutation. Except in certain rare