Biomass Research Paper

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Biomass Energy Energy can be used in a various amount of ways. Energy can be created in a various amount of ways as well. Energy is what keeps the world around us revolving. What keeps our bodies clean, our stomachs full, and our needs attended to. Biomass energy is organic material made from plants and animals. It contains stored energy from the sun. Biomass is a renewable resource because we can always grow more trees and crops and we will always have more garbage. Let me explain:
Biomass energy can come from things such as waste, bad crops, wood, animals and plants. This paper will prevent evidence as to why biomass energy is a good resource of energy because it is not high in cost and could potentially save the economy a lot of money, it is a renewable resource, and it reduces a great amount of greenhouse gases. While biomass energy is a great energy resource where there’s a good side there’s also always a bad. Biomass energy’s use of wood is a way that it helps the environment by not having to use any natural gases. It doesn’t have to use any natural gases because wood is a normal resource that may be limited but it also doesn’t get used a lot when being used with biomass unlike when people clear out whole forests just for space for building or unnecessary land. By the use of wood turned into biomass energy it allows families to cook and heat their homes. This is essential for everyone because everyone needs to do those two main things. Biomass energy is also essential because of its cost. Whenever it comes down to making any decision everyone takes the cost into consideration. Even though they might really need it, if something is too costly than most likely they will go looking elsewhere for a cheaper price or just all together find a product that is just the same or about the same and can do the same thing. Biomass energy is that source individuals go to when things are too costly and are not fitting their pockets well. Biomass is not high in price because it does not use items that cost a ridiculous amount of money. It is a cheap or not costly price because it uses products that the environment produces itself. Such as wood, waste, energy from the sun, old plants, animals, and crops. These are used to produce the energy that is used in everyday life.
Biomass energy is also effective because it is a renewable resource. I believe that this is the main reason as to why the environment should take heed to the use of Biomass energy. Instead of continuously using coal, fossil fuels, oil, natural gas or nuclear energy biomass can be reproduced and reproduced and reproduced with no usage of non-renewable resources and no high cost. This way the environment can remain stable and we can start to save the resources that we’re struggling to keep up with now. Biomass energy also reduces greenhouse gases along with allowing the use of non-renewable resources to be less. By doing so this is bettering our lives, our environment, and our health. While biomass has several positive impacts on the world there are also some bad and some fixable. Biomass does in fact reduce the amount of greenhouse gases it can also be a pollutant. Depending on what kind of biomass energy you are using at that moment it can definitely be a pollutant to the environment due to the items used to produce biomass energy they can pollute back into the environment as well. Some experts have stated that industrial scale biomass energy development is wrecking havoc on the natural environment and on air quality. Greenpeace has published a report called fueling a biomass that finds a large scale growth in biomass energy has extended beyond waste sources like sawdust and paper mill waste. They say that whole trees and other important forest habitat are now being destroyed. This is a potential problem for the environment because we need trees and other forest habitat to survive. Another downfall of biomass energy is that