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Description of Desert:
Desert Biomes are the driest of ALL biomes. The most important characteristic of the
Desert biome is that receives little rainfall. In fact, most deserts receive less than 300 mm a year compared to rainforests which receive more than 2,000mm a year. Doing the math, a desert biome get’s only 10% of a rainforest biome. Since the desert is so dry, at night the temperature drops drastically because the heat escapes so easily. The daytime averages can become 38 degrees where the nighttime temperature can become ­4 degrees. Since the weather is severe, the plants in the area adapt to survive in condition where water is limited and rare. Plants may include cacti which store water in their stems and use the water very slowly. Sample Location:
Mostly near the middle east and Africa as well as in Southern North America and
Australia. Areas such as El­Qasr el­Akhdar, Egypt. Animals/Plant Adaptations:
Since water is so scarce is a desert environment, many animals and plants have had to adapt to the area. Mentioned above was how the cacti store water in their stems and drink slowly. As well, the Thorny Devil drinks with it’s skin. Another example is the cape ground squirrel which uses its large tail as shade on hot days. Some plants have no

leaves or small seasonal leaves that only grow after it rains. The lack of leaves helps reduce water loss during photosynthesis. Leafless plants conduct photosynthesis in their green stems. Long root systems spread out wide or go deep into the ground to absorb water. Human Impact on Deserts:
Many types of human activities affect the desert biome. Like off roading, when we run our vehicles over the…