Essay about Biomes Poems

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Biomes Poems
By: Ashlynn Lloyd
April 20, 2015
2nd period

Biomes share animals, plants and climates.
In rainforest, tropical flowers will bloom.
Oceans temperature very by depth.
Many trees, attract precipitation.
Every day animal habitats are affected in different location.

Tundra means treeless lands.
Unusually cold temps. 3 to 12 c
No night
Deep snow stops trees from growing
Rainfall averages 10in a year
Animal population changes during seasons

The largest terrestrial biome
Also known as boreal forest
In the taiga biomes people are not found
Generous amount of precipitation
A life is common in taiga biome

Temperate forest
Temperature 50 f
Extremely adoptable for animals
Mild temperature stays kind of even
Predators are black bears, wolves and coyotes
Each season last 3 months
Rainfalls average 30 – 60in each year
All for seasons
Trees provide shelter, food, and water
Every leaf changes colors in fall
Freezing temperature in winter
Only strong animals can survive this biome
Russia is part of this biome
Eggs can survive winter, once spring arrive they hatch
Subdivided into 5 ones
Temperate forest growing season last 6 months

Rainforest the size of a football fields are killed every second
Asian rainforest include frog, squirrels, and snakes
In rainforest rainfall can reach 400in in one year
Normal temperature are between 70 to 85 f
Forest in Central American home to 8 thousand
Orchids grow in rainforest
Rainforest provide many cooking spice
Extremely important evaporated water become rain for other areas
Some monkeys are omnivores
Trees are very thick

Desert covers 28% of earth
Extremely low rainfall levels
Sahara desert is the largest desert in biomes
Extremely hot in daytime and very cold at night
Reptile, rodents, and small animals live here
The plants store water in their stems to survive

Savanna are home to elephant,