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Eldrick (Tiger) Woods was brought into this world on December 30, 1975. He was given the nickname Tiger in honor of a fellow soldier of his father Earl Woods that saved his life from a sniper in Vietnam. Before Tiger’s birth, his father took up the game of golf and fell in love with it. From that point, he decided if he had another son that he would teach him the game starting at a young age. As a baby, Tiger’s father would hit golf balls with tiger close by watching. By the age of nine months, Tiger was swinging a club and consistently hitting golf balls into a net. Earl noticed Tiger’s natural talent and new that he had a gifted child and continued to teach Tiger the game of golf. Tiger did not have the easiest upbringing and childhood. Tiger’s family had struggled through his childhood to put food on the table. As a young child, tiger would go to the local golf course after school to caddy for other golfers to help the income in his home and to save for school and other self-expense he had. It was only at the age of two that Tiger made his first television appearance with his father to display his talent in the game of golf. By the age of three tiger had broken fifty on a nine hole game of golf with the score of 48. At the age of five, Tiger made his first appearance in the golf digest magazine. Tiger had lots of pressure on him as a child, not only playing golf but to constantly please his father. This type of pressure on a child would surely have some kind of effect on him as he would grow older. Tiger Woods attended Western high school in Anaheim California where he continued to work on and develop his golf game. At the age of fifteen Woods was the U.S junior amateur champion, the youngest in history. During high school, Woods was heavily recruited by many colleges to play golf under a full scholarship. Woods chose Stanford University in Stanford California. In woods first year attending Stanford in 1994, he became the NCAA division 1 champion. In 1996, Woods golf career and title changed from amateur golfer to professional golfer. In 1997, Woods fame and career quickly skyrocketed when he won the masters title with a record-breaking score. This title was achieved at the age of 21, which made tiger the youngest person in history to win the masters and the first African American to achieve the title. Over the next several years Tiger went on to win many PGA tour championships and break many records in the process. In 2006, Woods lost his father who was his mentor and coach. Tiger’s father was the man who taught him the game of golf and made him into the person he was. After his father’s death, woods quickly returned to his golf game and continued to amaze the world with his talents winning several more titles over the next several years. Over the next few years of Woods life, he added a few more things to his life that extended beyond his golfing career. On June 18 2007, Woods wife Elin Nordegren gave birth to their first child Alexis Woods. Then on February 8 2009 Nordegren gave birth to the couple’s second child Charlie Axel woods. Over the next year, Woods life would change drastically in his profession and his marriage. In November 2009, stories were published about Woods cheating on his wife with nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel. Over the next several months over a dozen different women spoke out claiming to have had some type of sexual relationship with woods. In August 2010, Woods and Nordegren divorced and she was granted $750,000,000 and full custody of the couple’s children. Woods returned to playing golf in 2010 but things were not as they were before the scandal. Woods golf game was not quite what it was before and to this day, still is not the same and probably never will be. Looking at Tiger Woods life and the behavior, he has displayed to the world as a young married adult has hurt his image from the public and the way he views himself. I believe that