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Bipolar Disorder
For many years, several America’s have suffered from bipolar disorder. It is more commonly known as manic-depression. This illness usually begins in adolescence or early adulthood and continues throughout life. Bipolar Disorder is a mental illness in which a person’s mood alternates between extreme mania and depression. Bipolar disorder is much less common than depression. Many people with bipolar disorder function normally between episodes. Although this disorder can be frustrating, it is treatable. Bipolar disorder is one of the many disorders that affect the way your brain functions. Bipolar disorder is a serious mental condition that may lead to risky behavior. Bipolar disorder is separates into 2 different types. There is bipolar disorder I and II. Bipolar I is the common form of the illness. Individuals diagnosed with bipolar I experience several episodes of mania and depression. Depressive symptoms of bipolar disorder can last weeks or months. An individual may begin to feel normal for some time, or may go straight into a manic episode. If an individual is diagnosed with bipolar II he or she will experience depression just as in bipolar I. Only difference is bipolar II is less severe than bipolar I. A person’s a normal mood and irritable at times, but normally can live a regular life.There are several signs and symptoms that a person with this disorder would display. The symptoms vary from person to person. There are manic phase symptoms and depressive phase symptoms. The manic phase symptoms would include, euphoria, inflated self esteem, poor judgment, rapid speech, racing thoughts, aggressive behavior, irritation, increased physical activity, risky behavior, dangerous drug use, lack of sleep, increased sex drive, and delusions. The common symptoms for the depressive phase would include guilt, sadness, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, fatigue, unstable appetite, irritable, lack of joy in activities, and problems concentrating. These symptoms do not always occur in everyone with this disorder. They also are slightly different in children. In children, the mood swings happen quicker, and the behavior is more aggressive. The start of the disorder is normally in childhood. Children do not often suffer from the depressive side of this disorder. Besides having violent tempers and rapid mood swings, some children suffer from loud crying and anger at anytime in one day.
The cause of bipolar disorder is not yet known. There are factors involved that seem to be the cause of the disorder. Some believe an imbalance in the brain’s neurotransmitters can trigger this disorder. Others believe an imbalance in hormones could be the cause, or it is inherited from the parents. Some also say it may be triggered by one’s environment. People who live in environments that are violent or bring on a lot of stress are at a great risk of developing bipolar disorder. Also, people that have suffered from a traumatic event are at a great risk. Adolescents are at greater risk of developing bipolar or other mood disorders if they have poor relationships with their parents, have poor peer relations, or have been victims of abuse, all of which increase the risk of being put in a juvenile center.Cutting is common in adolescents who are suffering from by it. When they have an episode, they cut themselves sometimes to relieve the pain or depression they are going through. Suicide attempts also come into play. When they disorder is triggered at a very severe rate, a person may try to commit suicide. Unfortunately, some are successful. Drugs, anti-depressant medication, and caffeine are some things that cause episodes of a person with the disorder. Drug use is a major way people suffering from bipolar disorder cope with it. Some people also binge