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H5N1- Avian
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What is Avian Influenza?
• Also called “Bird Flu”
• It’s a viral disease of wild and domestic birds.
• It can cause illness in poultry and humans.

Who/what can be infected?

Household pets

Etiological Agent
• Type A Influenza Virus, also known as H5N1

Major Characteristics
• Composed of a protein capsid and covered in an envelope
• Two types of projectiles: hemagglutinin (the H in H5N1) and neuraminidase (the N in H5N1)
• Respiratory virus

Virulence Factors
• Each projectile or spike allows attachment or detachment to human cells

• Humans can be infected with the avian influenza virus by either direct contact or very close contact with sick poultry • The WHO mentions a potential possibility of person to person contact there is very little evidence to prove the theory. Major Signs and Symptoms

Influenza-like illness
Dyspnea (difficulty breathing)
Rales, rhonchi (Crackles or snoring-like sound in the lungs)
Decreased breath sounds
Tachypnea (rapid breathing)

If left untreated…..

Primary influenza pneumonia
Respiratory failure
Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Multiorgan failure
Community-acquired pneumonia
Hospital-acquired pneumonia


Minimizing contact with infected animals
H5N1 poultry immunization
Cooking poultry and poultry products thoroughly
Proper hand hygiene when dealing when dealing with any of the above agents
• Annual seasonal influenza vaccine

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