Birds: Short Story and Bodega Bay Essay

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The setting was a major role in The Birds. The setting in the short story "The Birds" was Cornwall, England. Cornwall, England is a farm town near a bay. Cornwall has a freaky atmosphere that appears to be having a black winter arriving. The setting in the movie "The Birds" was Bodega Bay. Bodega Bay isn't like Cornwall, Bodega is somewhat a farm town, but is more like the outer part of a city. In the movie Bodega Bay has a pleasant atmosphere, until the tides started to change. There are many similarities and differences in the stories’ setting. For example, in both the movie and the short story included suspenseful settings that were near a bay with birds attacking. There is also water in both settings, which causes seagulls to be apart of the attack. There was also a difference in the setting; in the short story the setting took place in Cornwall, England, while the movie took place at San Francisco and then went to Bodega Bay.
All stories and movies include a protagonist, which is a main character or characters. In the short story, Nat Hocken was the protagonist. Because of wartime Nat is disabled, but still manages to be a farmer. Nat is married and has two kids. Nat is a loving father and husband that cares for and protects his family. The movie had a different protagonist, which was Melanie Daniels. Melanie is a rich, city girl that has a snobby attitude. Melanie is unmarried and has no kids. People in the movie think that Melanie brought the birds to Bodega Bay.…