Birth Control Essay

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Birth control is one of today’s most widely utilized forms of contraception, however not everyone feels that same way about the use of birth control. Even though it has been tested, and proven to be 99% effective when used as prescribed by a physician. The positives of birth control are believed to outweigh the bad they may cause, and there is difficulty when deciding if a person is for or against birth control
As previously stated above birth control is 99% effective and it is an extremely easy form of contraceptive. That is why I have chosen the positive side of this argument. Birth control is also more than just the use of “the pill”, birth control falls under an umbrella of contraceptive methods such as condoms, IUD’s, and diaphragms to name a few. Yet the pill is the easiest way to prevent pregnancy, because all you need to do is swallow a small pill and you are 99% safe from becoming pregnant. Another added benefit to the pill is the high levels of progesterone in them keeps women from having their periods when they are taking the pill.

Some people may not believe in or use birth control methods, and there are many reasons for this. Some forms of birth control prevent pregnancy; they do not however prevent the transmission of an STI from one partner to the next. So a method like this would only be useful to the person if they knew their partner well and has been with them for a while. Another reason a person may not use birth control may be for religious