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Should The Driving Age Limit Change?

Naylline Valenzuela English 1A 5:10-6:50 June 25, 2013
1. Introduction 2.1. Thesis 2.2. What they believe 2.3. Why my opinion is important

2. My opinion
2.1. Reasons
2.2. Why I agree with the reasons
2.3. What I think

3. What they believe
3.1. Reasons
3.2. Why they agree with the reasons
3.3. What they think

4. My opinion
4.1. Point out
4.2. Give reason
4.3. Provide examples
5. Conclusion 5.1. Why I disagree 5.2. Reason 5.3. My beliefs

There is a lot of controversy whether young teens should not be allowed to get their license at the age of sixteen or have the right to be able to get it at that age. Those who believe should be able to drive, think that they are old enough. On the opposite side, they say, they are immature and are not ready to take hands behind the wheel. In my opinion, I believe that there is nothing wrong with being able to get your driver’s license at the age of sixteen. Everyone has a mind of its own, some teenagers can be mature than others and on the other hand, some can be completely immature. You can’t learn from experience if you are not practicing it. In my belief, I do not agree with those who are against getting your license at sixteen. To me it is a privilege to be able to drive, especially at that age. I do not believe it is too young. I myself received my driver license at the age of sixteen. For me it was a necessity and an opportunity. I was able to show my parents I was growing up and learning to become a young adult. I was responsible of taking myself to school, also learning the rules with getting a license that young. It let me reach out to great opportunities like getting a part-time job and being able to depend on myself for other necessities rather than my parents. It’s a bigger step to being responsible for yourself and others around you. “If your neighbor robs a bank, should you go to jail? No. If your classmate gets in an accident, should your driver's license be taken away? Of course not. Neither situation is fair. Rising the driving age will punish all young drivers for the mistakes of a few of their peers.” (The New York Times) Many people do not realize that everyone is not the same. People think and act differently. Others believe just because of their age they are dangerous. They have this reputation of causing accidents and not being a careful driver. If the law were to change the age limit there would not be fewer deaths, car accident, and etc. As human we work well by practice and experience. If the law were to change the age to eighteen no one would know practice or experience. Driving teaches teens responsibility and not being able to drive would prevent them from going to work, school, or any other type of activity. Those who think that the age limit should change believe that if the United States is willing to prohibit alcohol, cigarettes, and buying guns, then why let them be in charge of a car that could potentially be a weapon. They believe that young teens cause most car accidents between the ages of sixteen and seventeen. Most young drivers are accused of not having enough experience. They get easily distracted, take risks and are not safe, like not wearing their seatbelts. One the main reasons statistics single out teens is because they are not cautious enough and not mature enough to be behind the wheel of a car. If the age limit were to change from sixteen to eighteen, there would be less of a chance that teenagers would wreck because of several reasons: speeding, inexperience and peer pressure. “Young drivers are not yet aware of the responsibilities of operating a motor vehicle.”(Why Should the Driving age be raised to 18?) Teens do not always see the responsibilities that come when driving with passenger and are not as careful as they should be. Having them