Birthright Citizenship Research Paper

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During his presidential campaign, President Donald J. Trump has called for a reform in birthright citizenship, one that excludes children of illegal immigrants. US birthright citizenship, granted in the 14th Amendment, guaranteed that any child born on American soil is automatically, regardless of his or her parentage, a US citizen. Congress initially passed the amendment after the Civil War in 1868 to ensure children of African American slaves were US citizens. However, as more women flock to the US illegally or overstay their visas to give birth, it becomes controversial whether the amendment was intended to protect children whose families hadn’t been living here for generations. Birthright citizenship must be denied to children of undocumented families because it encourages illegal immigration and increases taxes.

First, birthright citizenship should not protect undocumented children because birthright citizenship has become a major pull factor for illegal immigration. US citizenship means receiving an American education, being able to work for governmental jobs, and living in the “Land of Opportunity”. As a result, hundreds of parents every year come to the US as “tourists”, only to give birth to US citizens, dubbed “anchor babies”. According to National Review’s article, “In 2003 in Stockton, California, 70 percent of the 2,300 babies born in San Joaquin General Hospital’s maternity ward are anchor babies.” This is a
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America’s promise of opportunity for citizens has convinced millions to take illegal measures to have a child in the US. In addition, the number of undocumented immigrants applying for financial aid in the name of their US born children has significantly increased taxes for the rest of the nation. It now becomes necessary to modify the 14th Amendment of the Constitution to suit today’s immigration