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BIS/220 Introduction to Computer Application and Systems

There are several laws and regulation that our government had to implement to help protect consumers. These laws consist of Family Educational Rights Act which was created in 1974, Fair Credit Reporting Act established in 1970, Computer Fraud Abuse Act implemented in 1986, Telephone Consumer Protect Act was signed by the congress in 1991 and the most recent act is the Do Not Call Act created in 2003. Although these laws are very important part of our government this paper will focus on two acts that helps our government protects its citizens and that would be the Child Internet Protection Act and also the Do Not Call Act.
Child Internet Protection Act The Child Internet Protection Act introduced by the congress in 2000 to help with the increasing amount of concerns regarding children being able to access inappropriate and harmful contents on the computer. CIPA created requirement for those who receives a more affordable products and services for any schools and libraries in the country that are eligible for this program. School and libraries that are under CIPA may not be eligible for the offered discounts unless they have internet safety policy, which means they must block obscene images such as child pornography and any content that can potentially harm minors. According to FCC, Federal Communication Commission, schools and libraries subject to CIPA are required to adopt and implement an internet safety policy addressing the access by minors to inappropriate matter on the internet, safety and security of minors when using electronic communications, unauthorized disclosure us and dissemination of personal regarding minors. Also it includes unauthorized access including so called “hacking” and other unlawful activities of minors online and last measures restricting minors access to materials that can cause harm to them. In addition to requirements that CIPA pushes through for schools and libraries that they must monitor any activities of minors online and they must provide any educational information that includes how to behave appropriately online, how to interact with other individuals and one of the most important is cyber bullying awareness and response.
Do Not Call Act This Act was enacted by congress to protect consumers from Telemarketers. This act was transmitted throughout the Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act. Since the information technology has changed