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Marketing Message

When it comes to marketing with minorities the subject can be a very sensitive subject for companies to successfully create advertisements that target specific groups. In the past many advertisers have used new slogans to target minorities such as African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians to help sell more products. A good example of this is proven by different advertisements of soda’s in 2012; the beverage industry used various examples and advertisements to target the Hispanics and African American groups. The Coca Cola Company launched a campaign between the years of 1997-2001 to target different groups including minorities calling them the lifetime of opportunity for their products. During these years the Coca Cola Company enlisted the aid of celebrities and famous faces to help and push as many sugary drinks as they could into the minority circles. While this company used tactics specifically targeting the African American group such as
Soda ads made up 13% of the ads on black prime time shows, compared with 2% of ads on general prime time shows.
Soft drinks were 13.5% of ads with non-whites (almost exclusively blacks) compared with 6.2 percent of ads with whites.
As for outdoor advertising, Black and Latino neighborhoods had the most ads for higher calorie/low-nutrient foods, including sugary beverages.
With the success of these drinks and ads it has helped to structure big companies with a very strong idea to target minorities with advertisements. To be able to successfully target the right groups with the right ads and information the companies must structure their information and efforts differently. They must work to edit and produce different ads when their ads are being presented and shown to different minority groups. Even with this increase in marketing towards the different groups, for many years companies refused to structure their marketing strategy any differently to target these ethic groups. This is a very good example of why companies must structure these messages to reach different groups to avoid wasting money and time on ads and needs that will not be used within these groups. There are many different types of consumers in these ethical groups and many have different ways that they asses needs and even shop for everyday items for themselves and families. The personal consumer varies within the different ethical groups;
African Americans
A. Needs are clothing and food that is based on cultural norms.
B. Are very brand loyal to brands that fit within norms.
C. A very good portion of households are run by women.
A. Fastest growing ethnic market in the US.
B. Believe of themselves as Hispanic first and American second.
C. Spanish is the most important part of their culture.
A. Often grouped into one group by mistake.
B. Consists of 29 different groups within the major group.
C. Tend to be