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Describe the competencies required by you as a manager. Analyse your own Strengths and Weaknesses against these competencies and devise a personal development plan to ensure your own effectiveness in a managerial role.


CHAPTER ONE..................................................COMPETENCIES OF A MANAGER
CHAPTER TWO.............................................SWOT ANALYSIS

Management can be said to encompass an array of different of functions to accomplish a task successfully .PETER DUCKER (1993) defined management as “supplying knowledge to find out how existing knowledge can be best applied to produce effects”. Today the importance of management from an organisations point of view has increased, it is only through effective management that companies are developing and executing their business policies and strategies to maximise their profits and provide with the best of their products and services. A good management style should be blend with efficiency and effectiveness because there is no point in acting efficiently if what you are doing will not have desired effects. Being a manager is not about having the word ‘manager’ in your title or stressing on your subordinates to acknowledge you as one; it is about having the right mix of knowledge, skills and attitude to do your job. The purpose of this assignment is to describe the competencies needed by a manager in order to excel in today’s competitive business environment. It also analyses my strengths and weaknesses against the competencies drawn and includes a devised Personal development plan to ensure and monitor my effectiveness as a first line manager. In this assignment, the first chapter critically discusses the competencies required by first line managers. This is followed by the second chapter which discusses the personal analysis of the competencies outlined and finally the third chapter which is a personal development plan against my weakness to ensure my effectiveness as a manager.

Becoming a successful manager is not an easy task it is not only about making the right decisions for your company but you need to be a good leader. This means you need to know how to encounter and handle problems. Below are the most important qualities or competencies that a successful manager needs:

1. Self Confidence: The ability to believe or have faith in one’s own ideas and the capability to be successful; the willingness to take an independent position in the face of opposition. Self confidence gives you enthusiasm to accomplish goals, presents itself crisply and impressively. It gives you the ability to speak to the right person or group at the right time when he/ she disagree with a decision or strategy.

2. Planning: If a manager wants to succeed he needs to visualise a plan for the short term, but this is more important for the long term. This plan may consists of an investment that may be useful for the long term but may have a negative impact for the profit of the company in the first years but will result to higher profit and rise in the turnover.

3. Time management Skills: Great time management is one of the most vital skills a line manager can develop. An individual cannot add any more hours to his/her day, therefore learning to manage one’s time more effectively can enable you plan your work more efficiently and ensure deadlines are met. Managing time effectively is a particular crucial ingredient in successful projects. It is important to manage both your personal and professional time because as much as you try to keep them separate, they cannot help but infringe upon one and another. Within his team, a manager needs to recognise that some people work differently. Some may have a structured view of working