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Information Technology Experience
Business 220
February 4, 2014
Information Technology Experience
Communication in my life has played an invaluable role towards almost every daily function. As humans in today’s day and age of technology, with communication through the many various social media sites, such as the well-known Facebook and Twitter have changed the way our society communicates forever. In the business and Information technology sense it increases profitability through communication.

The mobility of technology has made it possible to connect with anybody anywhere anytime increasing communication capabilities furthermore improving business by speeding up the process of communication. For example cell phone companies Verizon, AT&T and so on, have made it possible to communicate anything quickly and effectively.

As I mentioned earlier, fast and convenient communication make life a whole lot easier, and has forever changed the way we communicate. There are almost limitless ways to collaborate through communication. Some examples of this are business mergers, stock and trade, conferencing and much more. These types of collaborations have changed drastically over the years due to technological advances.

I believe the biggest impact on relationships in the IT sense is that it brings more people together faster, also IT brings a many more variety of people, where as in other circumstances you would never meet. For example, what I am talking about specifically are dating sites, such as E-Harmony,, Christian mingle, and many more. Back in the day I remember I would have to “put in work,” meaning, to physically go to social events, bars, clubs, friends parties and actually talk to women one by…