Essay on Bishop: Holy Spirit and Dear Bishop Persico

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Dear Bishop Persico,

My name is Kyle Edmund Reib, and I am a member of St. George Parish. (1) I want to receive the sacrament of Confirmation because I feel I am able to accept the responsibility of being a Christian. I also feel it is the right time, and I want to start living out my faith. (2) To prepare for confirmation, I have volunteered to help at a goalie clinic, walked for the food pantry, helped out at SMAC, helped serve the elderly at a Christmas party, and shoveled snow at Our Lady of Peace Church. (3) These helped me realize that you shouldn’t take what you have for granted, and to always pay good acts forward. (4) I have chosen Edward as my saint’s name, (5) because he was a king of England who cared about the poor and always tried to help them out. This showed me that even if you become famous and rich you should help the less fortunate. (6) The theme of our Confirmation Retreat was “ you will receive power “ . The most interesting part was the speech counselor Tim gave about how the gifts of the Holy Spirit will come to you and improve the quality of your life. (7) I chose Julie Prenatt as my sponsor, because she is my aunt who says finding God has only made her happier in life. (8) I haven’t really prayed to God to ask what vocation he wants me to live out for him, but I feel marriage is the one that is most likely to happen. I feel marriage is a big step, so I think by me understanding how serious it is, that is God’s way of telling me what…