Bit Is A Man Who Should Resort To His Cardboard Bit '

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Anthony Sudetic
Mr. Urban
English 035-9
6 April 2014
Academic Paragraph

Bit is a man who must resort to his cardboard sign, trekking the field of charity once again while he’s kicked out of a shelter which he calls the Jesus beds. Bit wants to get money to buy the last Harry Potter book for his son who is in a foster home kind of deal since the CPS took him away about three years earlier. Julie, Bit’s wife, died of an overdose a while before Bit grasps for spare change. He thinks this book will redeem himself to his kid, Nate, but Bit earns the consequences of not knowing his child anymore. Julie always asked when they were going to get their life together, but Bit had always put the change off. Now, he feels the pain of his decisions. Bit has some problems. He’s a homeless alcoholic who lost the mother of his child to an overdose. He was kicked out of a shelter for breaking the rules against drinking, blaspheming and fighting. His son is in foster care and Bit really isn’t allowed to visit much. Bit likes to panhandle on the side of the road and the story gets going when a rich guy gives him a twenty-dollar bill. Bit buys a copy of the last Harry Potter book, hoping to give it to his son, but the foster mother doesn’t approve of magical, mythological stories on a religious basis. In the climax, Bit sees his son; the kid loves him, but there is so much sadness and tension in their relationship. Bit resumes his off ramp panhandling and begins reading the book