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Introduction: I have been engaged in the study of computer hardware parts during my ICT class lesson for 3 to 4 weeks. I used different computers parts for my research work and learned about them through my practical experience. Here are the following steps which were the part of my work.

Procedure and learning outcome: Computer parts were available in our computer laboratory for study. First of all, we used motherboard as a starting point of my study. Motherboard is an important part of any computer, it is also called the heart of a computer as well. A motherboard allows all the part of computer to receive and communicate each other. Power supply is directly attached with motherboard. Further study of motherboard reveled a small part, located in the middle of motherboard, called CPU. CPU is a central processing unit of the computer. It is also called brain of computer. It perform major of calculation, increase the speed of process from 400MHz to 800 MHz and so on. CPU is being covered by a fan. It draws heat up into the fins of the heat sink. There are two types of sink, active and passive. Active sink utilizes power and are usually fan power. Passive sink are made of aluminum finned radiator that dispute heat through confection. Power supply is a device in every computer which send energy to all parts of computer. It contains the fan to ensure the heat cool down. Power supply changes the AC (alternative current) to DC (direct current). There are two main type of computer hard drive: mechanical and solid state, depending on what type of computer/laptop, hard drive disk can be less