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My name is Jerold Arthur Colbey Stapp Jr. I have a really big and sports loving family, I have 4 older sisters and no brothers, sadly. I have traveled to Chicago and Oregon. I have lived in several places; I was born in Puyallup, Washington. I then moved to Canton, Illinois, I lived there for about 6 years than I moved back to Washington. There are various things I like such as Football, relaxing, and sometimes reading depending on the book. The things I am good at are some sports such as football; I also like to build model cars. I also enjoy having a challenge like a puzzle; I like to stretch my brain every now and again. I think that the class I have the most skill at is math or language arts. I personally think these are my best classes because like I said earlier I enjoy having a challenge to complete and some math problems give me that challenge I look for. Language arts are another one of my strong classes because I have a great creativity and I like to write sometimes. I am looking forward to some of the books that we will be reading this year and if we have some field trips this year. My strengths in those classes are for math it is solving equations and for English it is writing reading. Some expectations I have for myself are to get a grade point average of 3.5 or higher. I also expect myself to do all of my homework without excuses. The goals for me this year are to keep my head up high this year no matter what happens to me I will try to stay positive. The