Black American Culture Essay example

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Black American Culture Marilyn Blunt Cultural Anthropology
Mrs. Tristan Marble September 10, 2008

Inmy research paper I will be defining African American Culture and I also will be discussing things such as slavery, family relations, hairstyles, art forms, food, heath issues, symbolism, traditional beliefs and also why this topic is relevant to today culture and how this information can benefit Black American in today society. African American Culture in the United States refer to the cultural contributions of African ethnic groups to the culture of the United States, either as part of or distinct from American Culture. African
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Aided by the Technological innovations of radio and phonograph records, ragtime, jazz, blues, and swing also became popular overseas and the 1920’s became known as Jazz Age. As cited ( African American dance, like other aspects of African American Culture, find its earliest roots in the dance of the hundreds of African ethnic groups that mad e up African slaves in the Americans well influence from Europeans sources in the United States. Dance in the African tradition, and thus in the tradition of slaves was apart of both everyday life and special occasions. From the early origins in slave communities, through the end of the twentieth century African American art has made a vital contribution to the art of the United States. African American Museum Movement emerged during the 1950’s and 1960. To preserve the heritage of the African American experience and to ensure it’s proper place in American History. Museum devoted to African American History can be found in all African American neighborhoods. Generations of hardships imposed on the African American has created many languages patterns. Slave owners often mixed people who spoke different languages, in order to discouraged them from speaking their own language and only speak English. The cultural explosion of the 60’s saw the incorporation of surviving cultural dress