Essay about Black-and-white Films and Rug Toni Byrd

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Under the rug toni byrd 9/18/13 english hon.9

I’m driving home on a Sunday night and I’ve just had the time of my life. I was just out at my friend’s 35th birthday party, it was so much fun. I look out the window and think back to the great night I’ve just had. The food, the people, and the decorations it was just so amazing..... SMACK!!! I suddenly hear a massive thud and I realise I’ve just run over someone! I stop the car and jump out, then I look at the figure and I can tell it’s definitely dead. It’s midnight and nobody else is on the road as I come to grips with what I’ve just done. As shocked as ever, I drag the pale dead figure off the road and hide it in the dense bushes surrounding me. I then get back in my car and drive off pretending it didn’t happen.

I wake up next morning and look in the paper and I see that there is no sign of anything about what happened last night. So I decide to get dressed, have breakfast and go off to work.

After a long and nervous day at work I arrive at home. I enter the door and sit down on the couch to read a book. After a while I hear a noise coming from under the rug. I go and look under it but there is nothing there. I hear the noise again and this time I see a lump arising from under the rug. I start to kick at it and suddenly there is a huge flash of lightning and a pale dead figure arises from under the rug.

All of a sudden I work out what is happening. I think back to last night when I ran over someone, this was that person arisen from the dead. Frozen in fear, sweat pours down…