Black and White ruffed Lemur Essay

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Nate May
Unit 2

The Vaquita is a species of porpoise that is found only in the Gulf of California. It’s name means “little cow” in Spanish and they grow to a size of four to five feet, weighing up to 120 pounds. The Vaquita is one of the most endangered species on the planet with an estimated population of only 300. With such a small gene pool the Vaquita is suffering from a lack of diversity in its genes which causes their offspring to be less fit. The biggest threat though, comes from the huge fishing industry in the Gulf of Mexico. The Vaquita get trapped the gill nets set for fish and drown. But there are people and organizations that are working to expand protected areas for animals like the Vaquita, and all kinds of species. One of these organizations is the Center for Biological Diversity. When looking through their website they seem to be reaching out to the public, similarly to most organizations like them, for support. They have their mission statement about why they think nature is important and why they are fighting to help the endangered species of our world. Most of the articles on the site though are geared towards education.
The articles on the site are geared more towards presenting facts than being packed full of bias. They have articles ranging from basic information on species and situations, to articles based on in depth research, and annual studies. They fund research from the species and their habitats, to the weather and future climate change. Their website doesn’t contain a lot of links to other information and research done by organizations, but there is an extensive amount of diverse article s already gathered for the site. Most of which are relatively recent, and some that came out this year or the last.
Over all, the Center for Biological Diversity has a professional and easy to use website. The articles may not all be up to date but there are some that are very recent and relevant on issues today. The site is easy to read, navigate, and is attractive to the eye due to all the incredible photography. Even though one of the main functions of the website is for getting donations from people, it contains enough information to be useful to a wide range of people. And because the site is professional and contains a lot of good, reliable information; it can be used for people doing their own research. Defenders of Wildlife are another such organization dedicated to the preservation of endangered species and their habitats. On their website you can find all kinds of different information. Much of the website is also dedicated to gaining