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The origins Of Judaism

History- Torah-Pentetuch-5 cases
1st 5 book – Old Testament

Phoenicians lived in a region at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea called Palestine.

Palestine location Made it cultural crossroads it land connected
Asia, Africa and 2 great empires. East Assyria and Babylonia and west Egypt. Palestine’s seaports opened 2 important waterways Mediterranean And Red Seas.

Canaan Crossroads 2000-600 B.C

Kingdom Of Judah- 922 BC
Kingdom Of Israel 922 B.C
Assyrian Empire 650 B. C
Babylonia Empire 600 B. C

Lived in Canaan between the Jordan River and The Mediterranean Sea.
Ancient home of the Hebrews

History of Hebrews is contained in the first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible called the Torah.

Hebrews were Monotheists

Monotheism- a belief in a single one god.
Hebrews prayed to Yahweh for protection from enemies

Theism-god worshiping

Torah- Consider the most scared writing – Christians respect them as the Old Testament.

Torah must be written on a scroll and kept at a synagogue in an ornamental chest called an ark

Torah contains basic laws of Judaism

Father of the Hebrew People
Lived in the city of UR in Mesopotamia.
Book of Genesis says that god commanded Abraham to move his people.

Abraham moved his people in 1800 B.C.

Their God was called Yahweh

Yahweh Promised to protect Abraham and his descendant because Abraham had promised to obey him.

Covenant- a mutual promised between God and the founder of the Hebrew People. It is scared.

Hebrews moved to Egypt 1n 1650 B .C because of famine and possible drought (Hysocks invited them) later on they were forced into slavery.

The Exodus
Hebrews fled Egypt between 1300-1200 B.C

During this time it was called The Exodus

Jews remember it every year during Passover

Moses He led the Hebrews out of slavery
At the birth of Moses the Egyptian King Order all Hebrew male babies Killed.

Moses mom hid him along the banks of the Nile.

Egyptian princess, raised in luxury, raised him.

Never forgot his Hebrew birth.

Moses statue carved by Michelangelo

Judaism- - Are the religion Of the Jewish people * study scriptures or scared writings lived according to what they teach * Many Jews Keep scroll of an important scripture in a mezuzah (a holder attached to a door post)

Scared Writings of Judaism – Contents

Hebrew Bible-
Prophets – Writing about Jews recounts history
Writings- poetry history stories literature


Mishnah- written versions of Jewish oral law
Gemara- explanations and interpretations of the Mishnah

Chapter 4 Section 2 Pg 95-98

Assyria – 850 B.C * located northern part of Mesopotamia flat land -large empire stretch from East of the tigris river to central Egypt * highly advanced military organization and state of the art weaponry. * Foot soldiers (covered themselves in leather and metal armor) * Iron swords,