Black Codes Was Laws Passed After The Civil War

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1. Lincolns plan for dealing with the defeated Southern states was to reunite them with the rest of the states. Also he made 10% of rebellious states take an oath of loyalty that made them agree with the Thirteenth Amendment. Lincoln amnestied all except for high ranking confederates. This plan was replaced by the Wade-Davis Bill.
2. Black codes were laws passed after the civil war ended. These codes restricted African Americans from having full freedom such as the white man at the time. It caused them to receive low wages and did not allow them to go to all places. These codes were brought in with the Thirteenth Amendment.
3. Andrew Johnson’s vision for reconstruction started off as a follow through to what Lincoln wanted. He then later on started favoring the Confederates giving them all their land and power back. In addition he added the black codes which restricted many African Americans from freedom. The Radical Republicans did not agree with Andrew and eventually congress tried to impeach him.
4. The 15th amendment allowed men to have the right to vote no matter what race. Many states did not want the 15th amendment because they did not want Chinese and Irish immigrants voting. States such as California and Oregon did not agree with it because they had the most Chinese immigrants. African Americans and women wanted this Amendment to pass which allowed them to vote.
5. Land was redistributed to the freed slaves, but they did not get to keep it for long. Sherman did