Black Community Research Paper

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The black community is plagued with havoc and murder. The developments of this mayhem are catastrophic and these factors have created many more stereotypes about the black community than others. These stereotypes can confuse people regardless of race or background, dividing a society even further. The controversy regarding who is predominantly responsible for black deaths in our nation remain open for debate; one side of the aisle believes that white privilege, while the other side believes it is forces within the black community, calling on internal reform of certain aspects of their culture.
Who is responsible for black deaths in America? Some believe blacks are victimized by the police, usually white ones, making them responsible. “Every
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Who is responsible for black deaths in America? Blacks are usually responsible for black deaths in America. “Young people are making a lot of indirect threats toward cliques and rival gangs that are being interpreted as being threatening.” This is what Desmond Patton of Columbia University said of the crime rate in Chicago. “Where do gangs come from? They tend to take root in the very same neighborhoods that drive these other problems,” a Harvard professor named Robert J. Sampson said. This is a credible belief since many young people are in gangs, and gangs do not follow rules. Young people in particular make threats towards other groups and gangs within their own cities, especially minority gangs due to the large-scale crime culture within the minority community in urban areas. Gangs come from crime culture and the loss of will to be productive with one’s life, and often because these gang members have no families to learn good values and discipline from. “In some areas of the country, it is more likely for a black male between his 15th and 25th birthday to die from homicide than it was for a United States soldier to be killed on a tour of duty in Vietnam.” This is the evidence said by Dr. Froehlke, an epidemiologist. “Violence has become a way of life.” This statement was announced by Charles Norman, a inner-city gang counselor. This is …show more content…
Because the majority of the time, when a black person is murdered in America, it is usually a black male on another black male, and statistics support it. Such statistics show that 93% of black murder victims are the victims of another black person. Statistics show these numbers because time and plenty of murders have allowed statistics to project these figures. Politicians, many ordinary black people, economists and statisticians have acknowledged this. Many conservative politicians, inner-city citizens, and many other witnesses are available to explain this perfectly. Typically, if you ask a black family who murdered their son, daughter, friend or anyone else they know who is black, they will tell you it was another black person. The majority of black murders everywhere are not by the police, but other blacks, many of which gang members. Gang violence in inner-city communities are often black gangs, and gangs by nature leads to trouble, often violent trouble. Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, East St. Louis among other places had murder rates of blacks increase after the “white flight” era of the 20th century. With “white flight”, more blacks and gangs came into major cities, so with less whites and cops, and more blacks, inevitably, more black-on-black crime follows. People view police killings of blacks as a dominant factor in this. The shooting of Michael