Essay about Black Cultures

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Mother was condescending towards the girl when she had instructed her "to walk like like a lady, and not like the slut shes is so bent on becoming." I detected that reading between the lines the girl may have done something that was not appropriate, and therefore she was not going to allow her to repeat it again. On the other hand, she contradicted herself when the girl responded to her instructions "to always touch the bread to make sure it's fresh, she responded "what about if the baker won't let me feel the bread." She entered into insult which on one hand, she taught her to respect, but on the hand she wanted her to exercise her rights. She entered into insult that after all that she taught her she was going to be a weak woman. However, the child's reasoning was always to adhere to respecting and acting accordingly.

In Girl it was ambiguous how her mother simplify love in a relationship. Instead she taught her "this is how you bully a man, and this how a man bullies you, and if it doesn't work there are other ways, and if they don't work don't feel badly giving up." Certainly, the pattern may stem from the reflections of own relationship with a man. Therefore, she provided her with the basic information regarding men, and advised her not to invest too much time in working hard on a relationship. The important things in life was what she taught her during her upbringing, and how to survive as a black woman.

Audre Lorde's mother raised her very sheltered, and refrained from educate her that black people were considered second class citizen were not equal to white people. For example, when she mentioned of running for class president to her mother, instead of being supportive, her mother replies “What the hell are you doing getting yourself involved with so much foolishness? …What-the-france do you need with election?…Don’t bother me with that nonsense. I don’t want to hear any more of it” (Lorde, 61). This is just one example of how Lorde’s mother controlled and dominated her every decision. By putting negative ideas in to her head, her mother was basically able to brainwash her in to becoming exactly like her in…