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Was the Black Death a disaster?

The Black Death was a disease that killed lots of people. There are lots of reasons the Black Death could have been a disaster but also reasons that show the disease was a good thing.
One of the biggest things that affected medieval villages after the disease was bad crops. Lots of people were staying indoors and away from everyone else so they would not be infected but this meant that crops were abandoned. An immediate change was that lots of people died which meant there were fewer workers. However, this led to more available jobs and villagers demanded higher wages. Once the villagers got higher wages, they could afford to buy luxuries such as more land and bigger houses. A long term change was that the range of food increased which made villagers healthier and stronger. The food also had vitamins in which would enable the villagers to live longer. Another impact of the Black Death was prices for land and houses increased. This was a bad change for peasants if they were poor and caused many villagers to sell their land so they could afford to buy food and other things they needed to survive. A change which was good for peasants is that there were more houses available because lots of villagers had died in the plague. The houses they could move into might have been bigger however; the houses would have been quite expensive so not everyone could afford them.
Due to lots of crops and fields being abandoned, the animals escaped and…