Black Death Essay

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Although the Black Death first occurred in/throughout Asia, the trading ships from there were sent to Europe, and the plague spread slowly from there, the first city that got hit by the plague was Sicily in October when a fleet of Genovese trading ships landed there, one month later, the disease had spread to Marseille. And then during the next year the plague had spread throughout Venice, Italy, Paris, England London and Austria, the year after that the plague spread throughout Germany, Scandinavia and lastly after another 3 years, Moscow. The plague came in cycles, and just when people thought it was over a new wave of illness would hit the towns and then from towns to villages. Who?
The people involved in the Black Death were mostly peasants and some nobles, and in 2 years it had killed over 25million people and in ten years it had affected over 1/3 of Europe’s Population. The plague was so damaging it wiped out whole villages at a time. The peasants and villagers were most affected because they did not have enough water to bath every day and sometimes went on for a week without changing their clothes or washing themselves. One of the people that had suffered and died from the Black Death was King Henry III’s daughter Joan Plantagenet. This happened because they were not aware that the Black Death was spreading the Bordeaux, and the idea of moving away had not yet occurred, though when Joan decided to move to a small village called Loremo to escape from the plague it did not succeed as she was already infected and ended up becoming the first victim in the camp.
The infected villagers first broke out in red ring shaped marks with black spots in the middle, after that…