Black Death Essay

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November 7, 2011

David Gilligan
North Grand High School
4338 W. Wabansia
Chicago, IL 60639

Dear Mr. Gillian:

Why not have the swimming classes be separated by gender? Why can we girls not have our privacy and comfort in swimming classes? Lots of girls do not pass swimming class because they feel awkward wearing a swimming suit and cap in front of boys. Lots of girls in swimming classes need to pass to graduated .In order for all girls to pass swimming class is to set up one class for girls and the other for boys.

It is important to know that most of the girls who do not pass swimming class is because they do not want to be seen by the boys. I asked girls who did not swim “why didn’t you girls swim” the majority said because they did not want to wear there swimming gear along with boys. This automatically proves girls do not swim because they feel weird around boys in the pool area. If North Grand’s swimming classes were separated by gender, more girls would have an awesome grade for swimming.

Also, separating genders in swimming classes is not only going to make girls pass this class but is going to make their GPA higher. It is going to make their GPA higher because they would not have to repeat this class and could take other class for more credits meaning a greater GPA. Do not be cruel and let this wish come true so we girls could have good grades and graduate.

The separation of females and males in swimming classes will improve my…