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In the early 1340’s a horrible, tragic disease affected many people throughout the world. The Black Death mainly affected those along the trade routes, but all the same this diseased claimed the lives of millions. This disease changed people. It changed the way they interacted with each other, they way they treated themselves and even the way they lived their everyday lives. This diseased killed so many, so fast, that no one was sure of where it came from, when it would stop or even how to cure it. There were so many deaths that it became a part of everyday life. People no longer mourned over the dead. Many people died alone in their homes. Instead of being buried in a grave, big holes were made and the bodies were thrown in with just thin layers of dirt between each layer. There were no longer rituals said over the dead since so many people died daily. The few priests who did still say prayers over the dead ended up doing more than one person at a time. People died so often that many thought it was a punishment from God. They thought that God was slowly trying to kill of the population for sins they had committed. Not even medicine could cure the Black Death which made people believe more profoundly this idea that God was trying to eliminate the world of sin. Yet many people did not try to repent or change the way they lived. They lived their lives like it was the last day, every day, until they took their final breaths. People stopped taking care of themselves as well as their belongings. They stopped taking care of the land and the animals alike. Animals were dying just as much as the people were. The few who were still willing to work could not find anyone to help them. This caused them as too to give up on their lands. The Black Death not only affected the animals and the land, it also how people were towards each other. Many preferred to be alone, and many ran away trying to find a peaceful place to live. During this time it was hard to find anyone willing to take care of the sick. The few who did charged outrageous wages to compensate.
The Black Death was even strong enough to separated families from each other. Wives left their husbands, as well as parents left their children. Many people abandoned their own family for fear of becoming sick as well. Sadly enough parents even abandoned their own children for fear of making them sick or getting sick from them. It even made people give up on themselves, living their live as if they no longer cared about anyone or anything. People died in their own homes and were left