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Black Death DBQ Journal

Dear Friend, The plague has finally struck Paris, France! I came from Turkestan, there is a rumor that it came from the Italian erchants because harbor cities were infested first (DOC A). It will be heading to you in London soon, as it spreads from east to west through miasma or impure air (DOC F). Also, we believe that you can catch the plague through conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars, excessive clothing or outrageous fashion (DOC F). I just don’t get it; why would the Almighty God send this horrible thing to us! It must have been for the sins we have committed (DOC E). Every Sunday we go to church and perform Acts of Penance to God for his forgiveness (DOC E), but still my mother is infected. She has several symptoms like high fever, delirium, vomiting, and rapid heart rate. My mother also has developed inflamed swellings filled with pus referred to as “buboes”. They could be as large as eggs and appear in the groin and armpit area (BGE). This plague is definitely has bacterial traces that are bubonic, pneumonic, and septicemic (BGE). It has been hard to cope with the fact that she will be dead in six days tops. I know there is a 30% chance she might not die, but the atmosphere here in Paris is mad (BGE), and I cannot decide whether or not to flee, but where too? Religion isn’t helping much; religious zealots even whip themselves bloody as an act of penance (DOC M). Only 1% of the population is flagellants (DOC M). Even the poor Jews are being persecuted for beginning the plague. They are being treated as scapegoats. There are rumors that they poisoned the well, some Jews confessed after being tortured on the rack of torture. Pogroms or mobs of violence are being performed on the Jewish women, men, elderly, and children (DOC N). The pope is even losing pow--er to the people. Pope Clement VI says “that Jews have provided the cause of the occasion for such a crime is without plausibility.” I believe Pope Clement VI is right; why would the Jews start the