Black Elk Speak Analysis

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Black Elk Speaks Native Americans are the basis and foundation of how America was founded. They helped transform America to how it is today. Throughout the centuries, their society, culture, and stories were steadily declining and diminishing. However, the story Black Elk Speaks still remains to this day. In this narrative, Black Elk, who was a Native American, discusses his life, ideas, and thoughts he has seen all over his life. In Black Elk Speaks, Black Elk mentions specific particular events in his life. These particular events and quotes that he mentions change the perspectives of how people view Native Americans. These quotes help us to deeply understand and teach us the life of Native Americans.
First of all, in the first chapter of Black Elk Speaks, Black Elk mentions that he will explain the story of his life to the author. He also talks about visions. During the first paragraphs, Black Elk says “But if the Vision was true and mighty, as I know, it is true and mighty yet;for such things are of Spirit, and it is in the darkness of their eyes that men get lost” (ch.1, p.4). This statement is very engrossing. From this quote, Black Elk is saying that these visions that people have and get, are often forgotten. These ideas that Native Americans have are consigned into oblivion. This is
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He was born in 1863. He remembers at three years old, his father was wounded in the leg during The Battle of the Hundred Slain. After this, Black Elk says “...and my mother would say, “If you are not good, the Wasichus will get you” (ch.2 p.20). This shows that Native Americans fought on their own land, in order to keep it. What I find fascinating by this quote is that the Native Americans had to worry about staying alive, keeping land, and fighting the Wasichus. This quote is very disturbing, as everyday Black Elk and his family had to protect themselves and