Black History Month Essay

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A Look at PVAMU during Black History Month
It’s officially February, meaning the start of Black History Month. Not only is this month a way to celebrate iconic black figures and their efforts towards a more unionized and diverse nation, but a way to look back at the black institutions or HBCU’s of America that developed some of these icons.
In addition to looking at HBCU’s, Prairie View A&M University has been a shining beacon to educating young black men and women since 1876. PVAMU was built and established right in the middle of the Reconstruction Period following the Civil War and faced many challenges as an institution intending to educate black youth in a previously Confederate state. As the second oldest institution of higher education, PVAMU evolved from an institution solely on educating black youth, right in the midst of various education policy reformations, to educating students from all backgrounds, regardless of race. Though PVAMU has transformed since it was first established, the core values of an HBCU still lives within PVAMU.
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Well, many black alumni that have attended or graduated from PVAMU have gone on to become successful. Thus, proving that since its establishment, PVAMU has become a shining beacon to black youth across the nation. The restoring and renovating of the buildings on campus, including the addition of popular spots such as the Student Recreation Center, have all contributed to the students’ success at PVAMU. Every event is suited to building and educating black youth so that they will be equipped for the real world. Although the world has drastically changed since the opening of PVAMU, it’s nice to see that the values and goals that of an HBCU is still being instilled in the students. Not only will this prepare them for the rest of their lives, but will also help them to better appreciate their heritage and to inspire them to accomplish their own