Black Holes Essay

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Black holes

“Imagine a thing made of nothing but space and time. Imagine a place that is a one-way exit

from our universe. Imagine an object that can stop time and tear a star apart, atom-by-atom.” This is not science fiction, its a description a black hole. There are many strange and wonderful phenomenons always being discovered in our Universe. Black holes are so interesting because there such a mystery. The first notion of a black hole came from the genius brain and eyes of Albert Einstein almost a century ago.
Einstein created a new though about gravity that lead to some wild possibilities, black holes being one of them. Nobody including Einstein, believed they could possibly exist. Now with advanced telescopes we can see that not only that black holes are real, but also that they are all over the universe. Black holes are the darkest, densest, largest objects in the universe. They are formed in one of three processes. Black holes give out so much gravitational force that nothing, even including light, can escape its strong pull.
Since nothing can ever come out, it is called a hole. Black holes come in several different sizes and types which this essay will explain. There are conserverses saying black holes are fake but scientist and astronomers have proven that it is real. In this essay I will talk about the characteristics and form of a black hole along with facts and functionality. Black holes have a lot to them which could cause much disbelief. I will also touch upon NASA’s experiences with black holes along with how Interstellar’s black hole led to a discovery. Interstellar was a very inspiring movie especially while writing and learning about black holes. A black hole is one form of a dead star. A common type of black hole is produced by certain type of dying star and must have a mass greater than about 20 times the mass of our Sun. At the end of its life it may or may not produce a black hole. A black hole has very interesting properties to it. In order to truly understand some of them we have to tie in the concept of Escape Velocity, which is “the speed an object needs to move away from another body in order not to be pulled back by its gravitational attraction.”
“For a body of mass M, and Radius R, the escape velocity V, For an object moving away from the surface of that body is where G is the gravitational constant.” Looking specifically at the escape velocity or a neutron star, its radius is around 10^5 times smaller than the suns but its mass is somewhat comparable.

Both masses are around 180,000 kilometers per second, which is more than half the speed of light. For

second part of a black hole is called the Inner Event Horizon. Once you enter the Inner Event Horizon

a star to turn into a black hole it would have to be a little smaller or a little a bit more massive the escape

theres is no way of exiting. The gravity in this layer is much stronger and does not let go of any of objects

velocity would exceed the speed of light. All stars play a constant game of tug of war between gravity

that enters it, leave it. Immediately after entering you would begin to fall towards the center of the black

and pressure. Gravity is always pulling in and the pressure is pushing out. Nuclear reactions in the core

hole. The black holes center is called the Singularity. Singularity is a large word to represent a smashed

of the star produce enough energy and pressure to push outward. For majority of a star’s life gravity and

up star. The Singularity is where the black hole’s gravity is the absolute strongest. Along with the main

pressure are balanced, causing the star to be very stable. When a star has a larger core there will naturally

parts that make up a black hole, there are also three main properties: Mass, Spin, and Magnetic Field. A

be a bigger force of gravity. This will eventually cause it to collapse under its own weight. For small stars,

black holes mass is very