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Essay #2
Once upon a time there was a brown, baby bear. He was lost in the forest and he was searching for his mother. Before long, he began to get warm. In fact he was getting hot. As he walked along looking for his mother, he became hotter and hotter. He was so miserable that he began sniffling and big tears ran down his cheeks. A kind-hearted boy Jack heard the sniffling and asked him what could be making him cry on such a lovely, hot and sunny day. Before this kind-hearted boy decided to give him a hand and go to get him some water and food, there was a thing happen earlier.
“I am hot, thirsty and I cannot find my mommy!” cried little brown bear and he saw a person who was climbing on the tree. Since the baby bear was starving then he immediately ran toward the boy trying to get some food from that boy on the tree.
“I want water and food!” said brown bear.
“Go away and please don’t hurt me!” Jack reflected. He was extremely scared of this bear.
“Please, I’m starving. I need some food and I promised I won’t hurt you” cried brown bear.
“You don’t look like a very fierce bear, but how can I trust you?” said Jack.
Little brown bear told all of his stories to Jack. Jack sympathized with brown bear in his misfortune and jumped to the brown bear from the tree.
“Do not worry. I will try my best to help you till you find your mom.” He gave brown bear some food and water.
In the meanwhile, Jack also found an area not too…