Black Museum Research Paper

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Netflix's modern take of the Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, is a must watch show of the season. The show explores a twisted future where technology and innovation has in some form corrupted society. There are four seasons currently on Netflix with each episode lasting around an hour. With every episode having a different storyline, you can start anywhere! One of the most mind-boggling episodes was in the newest season, Black Museum. It begins with a young girl stopping at a distant roadside attraction called Black Museum which is notorious for high-tech cautionary tales. The museum curator Rolo Haynes walks the traveler through the museum giving narration through his flashbacks. The first item they came across was a prototype device that shares a person’s sensations to another through a headpiece. The doctor who …show more content…
The second object was a stuffed teddy bear that often says “ Mommy loves you”. Rolo explains a mother was sent into a coma and her consciousness was originally placed in her husband’s brain but began causing issue when he found a new companion. The solution was placing her consciousness into a teddy bear which she can control two buttons that either says “ Mommy loves you” or “Mommy needs a hug”. Finally Rolo takes the young traveler to the main attraction, the News Anchor murder. Before the convict was sent to the chair, Rolo struck up a deal to take his consciousness and place him into a hologram which half of the proceeds would go to his wife and kids at home. The twisted curator placed him in a system where visitors could come and shock him in the chair but never initially planned on reaching the highest level due to the drastic effects that would happen. As soon as the visitors dried up, he allowed racists and sadists to come in a push it to the highest level causing the