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A very big aspect of our country's history is racism towards African Americans and some of the people who fought for African American rights in the civil rights movement were the black panthers who believed that Martin Luther King's non-violent campaign failed. I was a member to this inspirational party we were lead by Huey p. Newton and Bobby seale, we were first founded in Oakland California in October of 1966. We had fought for a lot of things most of which were for our people we had wanted African Americans to receive equality, education, good housing, and also employment. They have been denying these rights for a long time and we couldn’t stand to see it any more so we felt it was best to take action, we first began to protest and created foundations for Americans for all race and equal rights. Most of us tried to make a change with just a little bit of education the only education that we had was self-defense, of minority community’s against the U.S government. We have always told people that “we believe black people will not be free until they are able to determine their destiny.” I was willing to give my life so those people have it.
Just like any other group trying to make a difference we had some obstacles that were coming in the way of what we were doing the FBI for example were using dirty tactics at the time that had almost stopped us from reaching our goal they began by forging letters to provoke conflict between the black panther leaders and organizing the murders to them. Later on the police had came and sentence Huey our leader to