Black People Essay

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Civil Rights in America In 1950 schools, in the Southern states of America, there was segregation between Black and White people e.g. they had two schools one for white people (Teachers and Pupils) and one for blacks (Teachers and Pupils). Schools had two sets of textbooks one for white and one for blacks which was because black people had no equal rights but white people did, nowadays they are mixed whites and blacks get equal rights. Black people got paid ⅓ of a white person owned also the jobs were different they couldn’t do the same as white people e.g. they couldn’t join the Army, they had different toilets from each other. In source one, there is a photograph of African Americans protesting for civil rights, 1961, it tells us that African Americans both men and women went on a civil rights march because they wanted equal housing and jobs as white people. The March that they went on was peaceful only using signs and banners without violence towards all people. In Martin Luther king’s speech’ I have a dream’ from the March on Washington rally 1963. Martin Luther was a civil rights leader. In his very famous words from his very famous speech’ I had a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by their colour but by their character’ written in 1961. This piece of source is reliable Source 2 agrees with source 1 in this way because it’s peaceful protesting with signs and banners also I think they are black and they are trying to get there power or equal rights back against white people also source 1 disagrees with source 2 because yes it is still a peaceful march with signs and banners and in a way they still want to be equal with white people but they kind of want more rights, they have already got equal housing and jobs but they still want segregation to stop, in 1954 it was said that ‘suppere court that it was illegal’ what they want out of the civil rights is that they would not just want equal housing and jobs they would like segregation to stop as well as the police violence to all black people not white people. I think that it is right to stop all violence and school segration because it is not fair why they do this I do not understand maybe the white people do it to make the power more also to show who is better. In 1963 there is a piece of information which is not a tall helpful because it is bias. The reason is that Martin Luther King said it himself also because this piece of information does not give any evidence. Martin Luther King set out to achieve equal rights in all areas for both Black and White people. This piece of writing is unreliable because Martin Luther King said it himself also because this piece of information does not give any evidence. In this unreliable piece of source he did it to make himself popular also to look good. He did congress am mop (Member of Parliament). The bill was paid out. In 1964 civil rights between black and white was getting worst, his statement was not his actual words/ thoughts, as this was going on President Kennedy said ‘ we preach freedom around the world, and we mean it. But are we to say to the world- and much more importantly to one another- that this is the land of free expect for the Negroes? We face a mortal crisis as a country and as people. It cannot be left to increase demonstrations............. it is a time to act in congress and in our daily lives. Queen Elizabeth II didn’t agree with this statement because it means we speak freedom around the world and we mean it. But can we say about the world if it is importantly to one another- as a country and as people. It is time to act on our daily lives, our queen Elizabeth II in 1963 and in 1963 our princess was Princess Anne, I think source four seems to be in favour with civil rights because it says’ we preach for freedom’ which means he does want