Black People and Life Nelson Mandela Essay

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Nelson Mandela
Early Life
Nelson Mandela was born February 11,1918 in Transkei, South Africa. Also his father was the chief of his tribe (the Tembu tribe). Nelson Mandela was a lawyer when he turned older he was influenced by his father to be a lawyer. But before being Nelson Mandela his name was
Rolihlahla. Rolihlahla meant “pulling the branch of a tree: but everybody knew it mean troublemaker. Career
Nelson Mandela was influenced to be a lawyer by his dad. He was the president of ANYC or
(African national congress youth). And a native member of Transveel ANC. Also the president of ANC. But most of all he’s the president of South Africa. He’s presidents for lots of groups
Nelson’s Passion
Freedom from a white apartheid government. Freedom right for all South African people so all people will be treated fairly. And also a quiet life with his family. His main dream was for
African’s all over the world to be treated the same way how white people are treated just because there skin colour is different doesn’t mean there weird and an outcast were all the same inside.

Nelson’s imprisonment
Nelson Mandela was in prison for a total 27 years that’s twice as larger our age. Spent 18 years in Robben island. Spent 6 years in Poolmoor. And spent the last 3 years in a ‘secure quarter at
Victor Vester prison near Paarl. He had to go to prison because he was preaching how African’s should also have federal right’s like not to have the feeling like no one wants you, they wanted that feeling like everyone is welcoming you for being yourself. He is an important man now because by preaching out how it’s not fair for all black people he put his life in risk for his