Essay on Black People and Little Black Boy

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Essay “The Little Black Boy”

Throughout “The Little Black Boy” by William Blake the theme of guardianship and the clear act of protection is very prominent within the poem. It is clear to the reader of the roles taking place through 3 events. Through God, the mother and the Little Boy himself, this act of guardianship between characters as the poem develops “”. It is also evident the racial thoughts expressed by the Little Black Boy “bereaved of light” through links made to the white child as if “white as an angel”. This illustrates the fact he understands his soul is white and conveys his thoughts about the white child whom is someone accepted by God like and angel. This comparison expresses how he understands angels are perceived as only white not black, therefore he couldn’t be an angel because he the opposite colour.
In Blake’s poem, it is very clear that the Little Black Boy and his mother share a very close and affectionate relationship “she took me on her lap and kissed me”. This shows how his mother shares the love of God with him and the close relationship through the affection they show towards each other. Throughout the poem “The Little Black Boy” the influences of society during this time is often shown for example when it is believed that once the boy’s Black skin passes away “the cloud will vanish”, meaning the English child will love him. This is an example of hopes of changing his view of himself and his skin colour, comparing his colour as an object of shade, hiding his true self until it vanishes and moves on like