Essay Black People and School

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Education is the Key “The Hood”, has so much talk it’s ridiculous. Everyday someone puts African Americans down because they believe that the only life we see for ourselves is jail or death and that stereotype not only comes from white people, but also from African Americans as well. It isn’t a race issue at all, it’s just how everyone see us black people from the ghetto. I want to change the way people think of blacks from Compton, Watts, and Los Angeles. Not only do I want to give back to the community but I would like people to know they can do if they don’t slack off and become another stereotype. Growing up in Compton, CA, “The Hood”, I believed that the minority of African Americans go to college. Attending a college or university was for upper-class or people from a different race. By being African American people would automatically assume ghetto, less worthy or even dumb. Since stereotypes get thrown at blacks so much they start to believe it about themselves. Yes, putting blacks down is wrong just because what everyone says about the hood is bad, not all blacks see jail or death for themselves but some see a future to actually get out the hood. Ninth grade for me was pretty much the party grade. I wasn’t so much worried about school, the only reason I went was because my parents made me and to hang with my friends. I basically took high school as a joke. Bad behavior was my main issue I stayed into trouble literally every day and I didn’t care. When I got a hold of my grades, I didn’t think getting F’s was bad, I tried too hard to “fit in”. Tenth grade was the second year of mess up. Talking to my counselor and hearing if I don’t get it together, I would get held back. Hearing that made me change my whole perspective of school. Becoming a junior meant a lot to me, after this year there was no time for games life was getting real. I realized getting in trouble wasn’t good for me personally not academically, I then decided to change my attitude and my thoughts about school. I passed my whole junior year with A’s and B’s and my behavior changed which made me a better person. I got fed up with being put down just because of my race. Failing under the stereotype of thugs, drugs, and ghetto hoodlums was what I did not want to be categorized under. I had a minor setback for a major comeback. I understand why people down talk blacks because we put ourselves out there as violent or careless. Blacks are often portrayed as lazy. People shouldn’t stereotype, the reason why people look down on blacks more though is because a good amount of them act disgracefully. Not all African American people act this type of way but yea if people are on the outside looking in their going to think that since a handful of blacks act a certain way then the rest of the race acts the same exact way, but see that isn’t the case at all. Some white, Mexican folks go to school and does exactly what blacks do and they don’t get looked upon any differently well maybe that individual but as an whole race, no. so I don’t understand why people down talk blacks and criticize what they do. Maybe their less worthy, maybe they like the street life, maybe they just isn’t interested in the school system but that’s them. Learning