Black Plague Dbq

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What was the black plague? When did it happen? How was it caused? It is a deadly
Plague caused by rodents and flea bites. The biggest outbreak of it was in October 1347, when it killed over 1/3 of Europe’s population. It occurred from 1347-1351. You may be wondering how it spread so fast? The main reason was because it was a contagious disease and traveled through the air. It first occurred in the west but within a few months it had spread to Eastern Europe. I will be telling you about the history of the black plague.

The Black Plague arrived to Europe by trading ships in October 1347. The reason it is called the “Black Plague” is because the ships arrived in Europe after a very long journey through the Black Sea. As soon as the ships
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According to this source, fever, headaches, chills, and weaknesses are all symptoms of this plague ( The black plague is a disease spread through the air and it is contagious. When you get the plague, your skin will be covered in black boils that ooze blood. EWW!!! The plague is reappearing every few generations for centuries and people have not been able to get rid of it ( The Black Death kept killing more and more people, and up to 1/3 of Europe’s population. As well as people, the plague affected cows, sheep, goats, and other animals …show more content…
It was originally called “the great mortality” or “the pestilence.” The Jews were being tortured so much, that they eventually took the blame for what had happened. This website says that “Some Jews confessed that they were poisoning walls and other water sources, creating the plague. As a result, Jews were expelled or killed by thousands.” ( People didn’t know it was rats that were causing this disease. They thought other things. They thought it was planet misalignment and the bad smells and corrupt air. They also thought that god was punishing