Black Rhino Shale Shakers of Kosun Are On Sale in America Oilfiled Industry Essay

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Lately, there are two Black Rhino shale shakers were transported to the Rockies from KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd. Houston’s warehouse. The signed for the contract was means that all the equipment including BLACK RHINO Centrifuge, Mud Cleaner, BLACK RHINO Shale Shaker and Mono Pumps which delivered to Houston before Offshore Technology Conference, were sold out now. And it also means KOSUN products have been welcomed by America Oilfiled Industry, and the both leader has established long-term friendly relations of cooperation.

Why the America Oilfiled Industry choose KOSUN Black Rhino Shale Shakers?

As well-know, KOSUN is the company which can handle oil & gas drilling fluids solids control equipment and drilling mud solids control system, such as shale shaker, decanter centrifuge ,drilling fluid mud cleaner , desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, complete drilling fluids purification system, etc.

Black Rhino Shale Shakers is one of the most valuable products of KOSUN. There are many advantages of different from other company's products:

1.Top-levelVibrating Motor

Adopt international top-level vibrating motors,options for Martin or Italvibras

Certified for North American use by CSA and UL

Power: 2.5hp×2=5hp

G-force adjustable: 5.0~7.1G

Easy maintenance: 2000h lubrication interval

2. Reliable Screen Panel Tensioning System

The tensioning…