Essay on Black September

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Yesenia Jimenez 4/16/13
Professor Palmer HST 201

One Day in September: 1972 Olympics

Black September was a terror organization formed by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to use terror tactics to keep the resistance alive. Black September’s goal was to remove the Jews from Israel—still recognized as Palestine because it was their (Palestinians) land before it was given away. Black September’s kidnapping and murdering of the Israeli Olympic team was a threat to not only Israel, but to their allies and probably the whole world. This was to show that the Arabs have the power to control and manipulate people and/or nations to get what they want. Having the Olympic games in Munich, Germany seemed wonderful because the city appeared to be safe and a paradise—which was the perfect strategy for the terrorists since the games were watched worldwide. Throughout the time when Black September held the Israelis as hostages to murdering them, the news in Munich made it seem as a show for entertainment than for a broadcast of this tragedy that expresses concern. This was a sign that Germany was in the scheme from the beginning. Germany’s police and government service were just trying to look like heroes when trying to help Israelis when they were taken as hostage. The reason for this would be because they wanted the world’s forgiveness for the Nazis’ destruction in the Second World War. For example, the German police’s plan to rescue the hostages was to have a plane ready